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Appliance Cleaning Service

Dryer - Periodic cleaning improves dryer efficiency (saving on energy bills) and reduces fire hazard. Trapped lint in hidden areas of dryer and vent cause excessive drying time. More about dryer cleaning. I also offer dryer vent cleaning

Furnace/Heater - Out of sight, out of mind: The #1 neglected appliance in your home is the furnace. Filters and burners need annual attention for safety and efficiency. Price is for walk-up locations (access fee will apply to difficult locations: attics, crawls spaces etc.). More about Furnace cleaning.

Refrigerator - Refrigerators require the free flow of air to transfer heat properly. When coils become covered with dust, dirt and pet hair, they run continually, using up expensive electricity and wearing out moving parts. More about refrigerator cleaning.

Water Heater - Your water is heated by a gas burner under the tank. I clean the glass outlet for efficient burning. Solids precipitate from the water, build up on the bottom and cause early failure of the heater. Water heaters should be drained and gas burner cleaned annually. More about water heater cleaning.

Whole House Vacuum System - Added to our list of great services, we now service whole house vacuum systems. This is a service our customers have been asking for:

Most people do not give the proper attention to the whole house vacuum. It involves more than just emptying your container or bag. Power heads are usually plugged, causing poor suction. Built in lines also become plugged over time because of poor performance of the power head.

The vacuum system, usually in the garage or wherever yours may be, will be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. We then troubleshoot leaks and plugged lines coming from your house. Most vacuums that are working poorly just need a professional cleaning.