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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Bob Says: Is your dryer not functioning like it did when it was new? If so, it's time for an Energy Wise tune up! Dryers have a heating element that pulls hot air into the dryer, recirculates it, and blows it right back out. That's how lint gets drawn into the functioning parts of the dryer. When the back of your dryer gets full of lint, it becomes a very serious fire hazard, and an inefficient appliance to boot. Always make sure that your dryer is safe, efficient and ready to do its job!

When lint accumulates inside the dryer near the heat exchanger, a serious fire hazard is created. Lint has the potential to catch fire and ignite the clothes in your dryer. Did you know that most home fires are caused by over heated dryers? Let me help you avoid this common household disaster. An Energy Wise tune up will make your dryer safe, and will increase the efficiency and life of your appliance.