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Bob says: Did you know that your furnace, if not properly maintained, could be the largest source of airborne pollution in your house? The furnace is the appliance that homeowners tend to forget about for half of the year, when the weather is warm. During these months of inactivity, the furnace system collects dust and pollutants. Let me help you avoid this problem with an Energy Wise furnace tune up!

  • Your HVAC system, furnace, and plenums should be airtight. Leaks in your system make your furnace work harder than it needs to. This will decrease your efficiency and increase your utility bill.

  • Furnaces are notorious collectors of dirt and dust. To avoid spreading pollutants throughout your home, have your furnace cleaned and inspected on a yearly basis. A clean furnace will blow clean air and run more efficiently.

  • It is very important that the burner compartment of your furnace is clean and clear of debris. You should always be sure that the burner compartment is uncontaminated and operating properly to maintain efficiency.

  • Proper air filtering is essential for a healthy furnace. Replace your old dusty disposable with new electrostatic air filters, which are reusable and greatly increase efficiency. When properly maintained and cleaned, electrostatic air filters will last for the life of your furnace.