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Refrigerator Cleaning

Bob Says: What lives under your refrigerator? Chances are that your coils are coated with dirt, pet hair, spills and other household grunge. Your refrigerator coils are yet another source of household air pollution. Just think about it. Every time your fridge's fan turns on, it is blowing the grime from your coils into the air that you breath. Additionally, all of that dirty buildup makes your refrigerator work harder to produce refrigeration. Eliminate unnecessary air pollution and increase the efficiency and life of your refrigerator with and Energy Wise tune up!

  • Floor coils can be magnets for household grunge and should be cleaned at least once every year. Just think of what your kitchen floor would look like after a year without cleaning, yuck!

  • Refrigerators with top coils (Subs, built-ins) may be less subjected to dirt that occurs on the floor but they also need cleaning at least once a year. Top coils have a much smaller air flow area and become dirty much quicker.

  • Have you had any work done on your home recently? Remodels, sanding, painting, and other household work can greatly affect your appliances, especially your refrigerator. Dust and dirt created by household work will most certainly find its way to your refrigerator coils.