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Water Heater Cleaning

Bob says: Why would such a simple appliance need maintenance? Unless you enjoy taking ice-cold showers, you will want to make sure that your water heater is running properly and efficiently. Most water heaters run on gas and incorporate vent pipes, which need to be inspected periodically. Water heaters in California are subjected to hard water, which creates calcium/mineral deposits that must be flushed out regularly to prevent corrosion. Furthermore, sediment sits directly above the burner creating an "insulation" blanket that keeps the water from being heated efficiently. An Energy Wise tune up will ensure that your water heater is running safely and efficiently.

  • Rodents have a tendency to nest in water heater burners; this is a potential fire hazard and will strain your appliance. Be sure that your furnace and all of its components are safe and free on contaminants.

  • Once a year, water heaters should be drained to prevent excessive calcium/mineral deposits created by hard water. This will prevent corrosion within your tank and allow the burner to heat the water properly. Water heater components should be cleaned and the tank should be drained once a year to release the built up sediment. Energy Wise also offers a sediment release valve that is larger than the one that's currently on your tank, so it can be flushed more effectively.

We now sell and service tankless water heaters!

Is tankless the solution for your home?

The main problem with storage tank water heaters is that they are always heating water whether you are using it or not. Tankless only heats when you open your faucet. Not to mention the space savings of using a tankless system instead of a tank. You also will save considerably on your gas bill. They are the future.